Missing Persons

When a loved one passes away, it can be a trying time for everyone involved, but at least family and friends can get some kind of closure. However, with regards to a missing person, the questions might prove to be unbearable. It’s only natural to want to have more answers that private investigators can provide.

At All Pro Investigations, we are truly specialists that can help to track down missing persons to ensure their safety, and we do our absolute best to find out the truth about people that you may have done everything in your power to find, but can’t.

There are thousands of people reported missing each year. Unfortunately, law enforcement only view missing persons as a priority within a certain window of time, and they might not be willing to utilize their resources to truly make an in-depth investigation. At All Pro Investigations, we know that finding someone you thought was missing is priceless, and we use every method possible to make sure that we find who you are looking for, whether it’s a friend, family, or acquaintance. Whether it involves questioning suspects, or fleshing out the missing person’s network, we utilize both traditional and non-traditional methods to find the missing persons involved.

Often times, this requires all sorts of tactics. We can help with background checks and surveillance methods in order to get to the bottom of where a missing person is, and even help to question people to find out their location. This also might include intense physical searches to look for additional clues, or checking records and databases that you might not have thought about, or have access to. Ultimately, our professionals have networks and resources that can help you get the answers that you so desperately need.

Whether it’s someone who disappeared who owes you hard-earned money, a minor that you believe is in trouble, or a relative that you are concerned about – do not hesitate to contact All Pro Investigations for your missing persons needs.

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