Counterfeiting, Pirating & Infringement

There are many ways to think about how much it costs to run a business. For example, there are the obvious costs involved, such as the overhead, rent, payroll, inventory, and more. However, unfortunately, in the modern world there is the constant threat of counterfeiting, where criminals can take your ideas and creativity and find a way to profit off of your hard work. This is most obviously seen in sectors such as the clothing and entertainment spaces, for example.

Nobody wants to risk their time, money, and energy, only to find out that there are criminals pirating your products. Every successful business that reaches a certain level is right to have counterfeiting as a legitimate fear, and that’s why when it comes to trademarks and intellectual property, a private investigator can truly be an asset. There are entire corporations that are valued in the millions specifically for their intellectual property, and for an economy to remain intact and transparent – this intellectual property has to be protected accordingly. It takes resources to find out exactly who is behind the counterfeiting or piracy, and we are experienced in situations like these, and can produce real results. We can also determine the size and extent of the damage done through infringement, as well. There are all sorts of tactics to take, thanks to technology, and protecting your brand from counterfeiting and privacy ultimately means that you can protect your brand reputation and your market share, and continue to focus on your business, which is what matters. At All Pro Investigations, we know that securing intellectual property is costly, and that every business should do everything that they can to prevent infringement, pirating, and counterfeiting.

If you are concerned about counterfeiting, pirating, and/or infringement, contact us immediately at All Pro Investigations, and our professionals will do everything we can to solve the issue.

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