Criminal / Civil Defense

Of course, private investigators are an essential part of investigations, even if they aren’t technically law enforcement. The truth is that private investigators have proven valuable time and time again with regards to both criminal and civil trials, and uncovering the truth in investigations and matters of all kinds. That’s why hiring a private investigator can be essential for gathering the right evidence of finding the absolute truth.

There are some private investigators that overcharge for dismal results, but at All Pro Investigations, we stand by our reputation when it comes to criminal and civil defense. Whether it comes to finding the right evidence or witness – we will do everything that we can, with the resources at our disposal, to ensure that we can extract as much information as possible. We know that your lawyer’s job is to present their argument to the court, but we can be an invaluable resource when it comes to finding out additional evidence that could actually end up saving you massive amounts of money, or ensuring your freedom. We turn over every leaf to make sure that no detail is left to chance, whether it involves a background check on a certain individual, interviewing a certain witness, or following down a certain investigative path that hasn’t properly been explored. We also can determine credibility with regards to witnesses that could end up changing the course of your case, as well.

We provide a full picture of our investigative findings, and everything that this entails. Our comprehensive findings can help to shape an overall strategy for your defense, and of course, we are dedicated to satisfying our clients and helping successfully defend them. Whether you require surveillance, skip tracing, witness interviews, or other services – All Pro Investigations is here to serve you, and professionally help aid in your defense in every manner possible.

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